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The Healing Series
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Paint The Bay!

Painting with Energy paint sessions are designed to allow participants an opportunity for step-by-step guidance with a professional artist to create beautiful artwork using basic principals of painting, meditation and energy work.

Holistic health is defined as the unlimited and unimpeded free flow of life force energy through body, mind, and spirit. Our gallery and classes are largely focused on providing participants with tools for painting to move energy through the body. My goal for you is to not only walk away with a piece of artwork you can be proud of but to have fun while learning new ways to practice energy healing for yourself and your loved ones.

Please join me for the Launch Party, "Paint The Bay!" where we will be painting and sending lots of warm loving energy to the bay. Beer or wine will be available for purchase.

Friday June 24th, Warehouse 416 7PM-9PM

The Healing Series

Everything in our universe is radiating energy, from the biggest mountain or ocean, to the tiniest blade of grass, to each individual cell in our body. Chakra energy spins in a clockwise direction as it moves the energy of our body out into the field around us, and it spins counterclockwise to pull energy from our external world (and the people in it) into our body. It is the frequency state of our chakras that determines the direction our energy will flow as they either draw energy into our body or release it outward.

The Healing Series offers participants the opportunity to use painting as a way to become aware of and utilize the power of a balanced flow of energy through the body and environment. Each painting was created to encourage the movement of energy (Chi or Ki) through your Chakras to promote balance and harmony.
The session instructor, Cori Pillows is a professional artist and Reiki II Practitioner. Please join me for the entire series or pick a session that works for you. Each class will provide instruction for painting and practicing energy work. All supplies will be provided. Register for The Healing Series

Part 1 - She Spirit Fancies
Part 2 - Strength, Courage, Balance
Part 3 - Self Love is the Best Love
Part 4 - Come Back Stronger
Part 5 - What is Your Personal Genius?
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