Painting with Energy Paint Parties and Events

Cori Pillows Artist Healer/ Reiki Practicioner 

Painting with Energy paint sessions seeks to provide participants an opportunity for step-by-step guidance with professional artist to create beautiful artwork using basic principals of painting, mediation and energy work. My goal is to bring an element of energetic self-awareness to your self-expression giving you the opportunity to explore your greatest potential driven by your intuition, some instructor guidance, and a lot of fun!

I am a professional artist located in Oakland Ca. I can be found selling my artwork at various events all around The Bay. My most recent endeavor, Painting with Energy Paint Sessions and Events, was born from the inspiration of my travels through South America and studies of Reiki, shamanism, and alternative healing. During this time, I was offered the gift of Reiki universal healing energy. Reiki is a form of energy healing that is independent and offers a safe support system to complementary traditional and Western medicine. Reiki can be used with other medical practices and it is designed to enhance and promote well-being and your body’s healing ability.

Upon beginning this practice, I discovered a wealth of information about my own energetic body, other peoples energy as well as the energy of the planet. This awareness has expanded my mind beyond conventional thinking about holistic health. I discovered the ability to see energy in color, interpret it’s state, and help to move it through the body.

Using this practice in combination with my passion, painting, gives me a source of healing energy to gift to the planet and purpose for my personal human experience.

Painting with Energy provides you the chance to learn painting skills while using the activity as a form of meditation, and energetic healing for yourself and your environment. Sign up for The Healing Series of five paintings where I will walk participants through step-by-step painting and a clearing and stimulation of your chakras, your body’s’ energetic system.

Check out more information here about Painting with Energy Sessions and Events. Interested in buying some art?! Click here to view portfolio