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painting and practice energy healing techniques.
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The Healing Series
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Classes start in September!

Painting with Energy paint sessions are designed to allow participants an opportunity for step-by-step guidance with professional artist to create beautiful artwork using basic principals of painting, mediation and energy work.

Holistic health is defined as the unlimited and unimpeded free flow of life force energy through body, mind, and spirit. Our gallery and classes are largely focused on providing participants with tools for painting to move energy through the body. My goal for you is to not only walk away with a piece of artwork you can be proud of but to have fun while learning new ways to practice energy healing for you and your loved ones.

Please join me for the Launch Party, "Paint The Bay!" where we will be painting and sending lots of warm loving energy to the bay. Beer or wine will be available for purchase.

Friday June 24th, Warehouse 416 7PM-9PM

Choose your date, time, and location and Painting with Energy will bring all the supplies. Choose a painting from the gallery and I will guide you to create your very own masterpiece.

This is a fun, interactive event for a group of all ages. We encourage as much individual creativity as possible while providing some structure and a little guidance.

Currently, we are based in Oakland, CA. Fees for travel may apply depending on distance. Click below for a quote!

If your company is looking for a fun, team-building event, Painting with Energy will come to your business and tailor the perfect event for your team.

Paint Parties are a great way to build team bonds and communication.

Our event options include Individual paintings guided by an experienced local artist, collaborative team paintings, or intuitive art therapy which is great for self-expression and sparking creativity. Click below for a quote!



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